Automate Your Web Application's
Simpler. Faster. Smarter.

An Intelligent Way To Test All Your Web Application's

How Does our Algorithm Work?

Well, It is said "Idea Shapes the Course of History" and we are here to change the history. We are AGILE Automation Ready.

Impress Everyone with our Dynamic Automated Script and TestCase Generator. We generate an Automated Script for testing within seconds which is ready to test Everything between pillar to post Securely over the web.

URL Reader

Our algorithm processes your URL in the most efficient and secure way.

Dynamic Code Generator

We dynamically identify the Functional Flow and generate efficient Automated Code within seconds.

TestCase Generator

We deliver more than your expectations. It also writes TestCases.Edit, Export and Use. Upload them to QC & Jira.

Some of our Dynamic Features




2 Easy Steps

1.Provide the URL of Website

2.Click on "Automate Me"

We Provide

Auto-generated Automation Scripts


Dynamic Functional TestCases

with a flick of finger

Test Automatic

Automator Description

It is a Web-Tool, No IDE required.

We generate your dynamic code on the fly.

Our Dynamic Algorithms generates the most efficient ready to execute code.

We package our code in the most compatible way that you can download and run on any box.

And yes we follow the Experts approach, Write Once and Run Anywhere.

It Auto-Generates Functional TestCases.

Parameterize your scenarios using Excel and Database's.

Ge t your Test-Results in Interactive Web format and Flat Files(Excel/csv).

In built functionality to Upload the auto-generated TestCases to HP ALM/QC and Jira.

TA_Automator1 TA_Automator

TA_Automator1 TA_Sense TA_Automator2


TA Sense


TASense One-Click Analytics

Welcome to the New ERA of Reporting.

Analytics = Agility

Ingrain Fast and Smart Strategic Decision Making.

Quantify and Measure your data in a tangible way .

Provides a Clear Insights Through Data Visualization.

Interpret, Analyze and Quantify Root Cause derived from meaningful patterns

Get the knack to streamline your business, process, inventory and many more

TA Sense

Analytics Description

One step Solution

Provide us your data

We Provide

Interactive One-Click Reports

Relationship between multiple modules/stages and processes

Provides Seamless, Interactive Summarized Reporting

Reporting for all the Domains.


Test Automatic


Bored with Legacy approach of writing Huge code. We stand up to your expectations. Click on the record button and record your Web navigation and we will provide you the Dynamic Code.

Test Automatic

Recorder Description

Don't Like to write huge Code? Neither do we like.

Hence we have custom built a recorder. Just for you

Just Click on Record Me and Record the Entire Navigation

And your Dynamic Code and Functional TestCase is Ready

TA_Automator1 TA_Sense